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I have released my first Android application called MotoTorch LED.  It is designed for the Motorola Droid and Motorola Milestone and uses it’s camera LEDs as a flashlight.  It’s also has a widget that can be placed on one of the HOME screens.  A simple click on the widget will turn the LEDs on, and clicking it again will turn them off.  The widget can also turn off the screen when the LEDs are on.

This application is free.


For the app to work on the EVO 4G, DROID Incredible, and Nexus One, they have to be running Android 2.2.  The app will not work on the device if the device is running Android 2.1.

NOTE:  As of version 3.0, I have added support for Android 2.2.  It is possible that MotoTorch LED will not be locked to the DROID and Milestone anymore.  It may work on all future 2.2 devices.  If you have a device that it now works on, please let me know so I can add it to the list of supported devices.


These ROMs have been confirmed to work:

CyanogenMod 6.0 RC2
Bugless Beast
Simply Stunning
Sapphire 1.0.0

IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE, GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST.  IF YOUR PROBLEM ISN’T COVERED, EITHER POST IN THE COMMENTS HERE, OR SEND ME AN EMAIL.  If you don’t email me, I can’t fix the issue. You can send an email directly from your phone.  At the bottom of the application listing on the Android Market, there is a button for “Send email to developer”.  Click that, choose your email, then send me an email.


1. Uses both a widget and a normal application to turn on the LEDs as a flashlight.

2. The widget icon will change depending on whether the LEDs are on or not.

3. The application will allow you to configure whether you want the screen to dim or not.

4. The application will allow you to use the LEDs as a strobe light.

5. The application will allow you to use the LEDs as a MORSE CODE sender, implementing the international Morse protocol.

Version 3.6 (8/24):

1.  Fixed issue that caused the app to not work on the Droid X running Android 2.2.

Version 3.5 (8/12):

1.  Fixed issue that caused the app to not work on the DROID 2.

Version 3.4 (8/04):

1.  Fixed issue that caused the app to not work correctly on JRummy’s LithiumMod ROM.

Version 3.3 (8/03):

1.  Fixed issue that cause the app to not work correctly on the Simply Stunning and Bugless Beast ROMs.

2.  Fixed issue that would cause the app to crash when the orientation changed.  I have made it so that the app only supports portrait mode.  I didn’t see a need in supporting landscape mode.

Version 3.2 (7/31):

1.  Fixed issue with DROIDs running Android 2.2(rooted).

Version 3.1 (6/12):

1.  Fixed issue where non-2.2 DROIDs would see the 2.2 message.

2.  Fixed issue with permissions with the Donation version.

Version 3.0 (6/12):

1.  Fixed FC issues on Android 2.2.

2.  Added support for the Nexus One.  Also, it may be possible that this will now work on all future 2.2 devices.

3.  Fixed the issue where the widget was always running in the background.  It should no longer always show up in Task Killers.

Version 2.8(12/14):

1.  Fixed issue where widget icon would get reset back to the default icon when exiting the application.

2.  Added option to turn “Torch” off when exiting the application

Version 2.7(12/11):

1.  Added HELP menu that will open to my website.

2.  Changed the “Automatic Brightness” popup display only the first time.

3.  Added option to turn on LEDs when the application opens.  (Application Settings menu)

4.  Moved “Torch” settings to menu.  (Torch Settings menu)

Version 2.6(12/04):

1.  The widget icon is now configurable.  Use the MENU button in the application to select the icon for the widget.

2.  Fixed issue where using the widget of certain other apps could cause the LEDs to come on.

3.  Added a Disclaimer when opening the app.  It should only be shown once.  If you accept, it will not show again.

4.  Added a message when Automatic Brightness is enabled.

5.  The “Dim Screen” slider is disabled when the “Dim Screen” checkbox is unchecked.

Version 2.5(12/02):

1.  Changed the Widget icon.

2.  Added the ability to dim the screen while the LEDs are on.  This includes having a slider to specify the brightness of the screen.

3.  Fixed “B” “D” Morse Code bug.

4.  The “Dim Screen” and “Turn Off Screen” are now disabled if Automatic Brightness is turned on.  Automatic Brightness overrides both of these settings.  Currently there is no way for me to disable Automatic Brightness programmatically.  It seems to have been left out of the SDK.

Version 2.4(11/27):

1.  Fixed issue with moving to/from landscape while Strobe or Morse Code was on.

Version 2.3(11/27):

1. Now supports landscape mode.

2. Added numeric labels to the strobe sliders.

Version 2.2(11/26):

1. Strobe and Morse Code now run on their own threads. This means that there are now Start/Stop buttons.

2. Strobe now has 2 sliders that allow the duration and delay to be configurable. These can be moved while the strobe is on to see the values changed on the fly.

3. Changed the checkbox for the “Torch” section to be more descriptive.

I made tons of changes to how the settings are saved. I hope this will have fixed the issue with it losing the screen timeout. If it continues to happen, let me know.

NOTE: If you are running a DROID and Android 2.2, it should work now.  I have tested it on CyanogenMod 6.0 RC2 and it worked.  However, I cannot guarantee it will work on all leaked/custom ROMs.   If it does not work on the ROM you are running, let me know the ROM and I will see what I can do.

NOTE: The Dim Screen only works from the application.  It currently does not work from the widget.  This is due to a bug in Android 2.0.

NOTE: If your screen brightens when you turn on the LEDs, then you have Automatic Brightness enabled, and it’s doing it’s job.  It was designed to use light sensors to determine whether to dim or brighten the screen.  The more light the sensors detect, the brighter the screen gets.  I’ll let you take a guess where 1 of the 2 sensors are……directly beside the LEDs.  So when you turn on the LEDs, the light causes the sensors to think it needs to brighten the screen.

NOTE: To change the widget icon, open the application, then hit the MENU button on the phone. This will bring up the menu in the application. Choose “Select Widget Icon”, then choose the icon you want to use.

NOTE: To install the widget, Long Press on an open space on a HOME screen, choose “Widgets”, then choose “MotoTorch LED”.

NOTE: For those that say that this application “starts in the background”, it does not.  The application is not running.  It’s the widget that is running in the background.  This is what Android allows.  The widget is running because it needs to constantly check to see if you have turned the LEDs on from the application so it can change it’s icon.  This is allowed by Android, and is actually the default functionality of a widget.

I have created a Google Wave for MotoTorch LED.  If you have Google Wave, you should be able to search for it and find it.

If you have “Barcode Scanner” or “ShopSavvy” installed , you can scan this QR-Code and it will take to you my app.  You can scan it directly from your monitor.

I have also added a Donation version of the app to the Market. If you would like to donate toward MotoTorch’s development, you can buy that version. BOTH VERSIONS ARE EXACTLY THE SAME. The free version is NOT limited in any way.

You can also donate using Paypal.